At Orewa Chiropractic, we specialise in joint disorders from the spine, and also shoulder, hip and elbow pain.

Shoulder Pain

At Orewa Chiropractic, we assess the full range of movements of the different joints (five) in the shoulder and tissue lesions that may create discomfort and pain. We then apply chiropractic and muscle treatment techniques personalised to the present condition, combined with prescription of specific exercises to target the dysfunctional joints and tissues.

Tendinitis, bursitis and tendon tear of the rotator cuff and biceps are the most common injuries. However, dysfunctions like impingements and instability are often the deep origin of the dysfunction. In any shoulder problem, cervical and thoracic spine should be the attention of the health provider. This structure malfunctioning is often involved in the entrapment of the nerves controlling the shoulders, causing distant disorders. 


At Orewa Chiropractic, we have a profound expertise in shoulder conditions having a spinal origin and provide serious relief to the patients experiencing pain and disabling. We also recommend original exercises that increase strength and flexibility of the spine and upper girdle. 

Hip Pain

Most of the hip problems come from inside the hip such as labrum tear, osteoarthritis or arthritis, or outside including tendinitis, bursitis, muscle strain or pelvis dysfunction (twist or tilt).

However, hip pain is not always due to a local issue and may refer from the back, lumbar and thoracic spine, through a nerve. The pain is then resented where the nerve ends, the hip, and not where it is factually impinged.

At Orewa Chiropractic, we will first assess the hip function and lesion combined with a spine examination to provide the most relevant treatments.


Elbow Pain

Most of the patients that we treat present a tendinopathy like tennis’ elbow or golfer’s elbow often due to overuse or misuse of the forearm. However, a thorough examination is necessary because an impinged nerve at the spine level can reproduce the type of the pain.

At Orewa Chiropractic, we assess spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist in addition of muscular and tendon examination to provide the most specific diagnosis to proper rehabilitation.


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