Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women with Back Pain

Back Pain during The Pregnancy

It is estimated that 50% of pregnant women experience some back pain. Usually, the symptoms are minor but can be debilitating if there are not address early enough. A common cause is the increase of weight accompanying the pregnancy, generally between 10 or 15 kg, shifting the centre of gravity and so straining the lumbar spine. Another reason is that muscles, ligaments and pelvic joints, called sacro-iliac joints, loosen under the effect of certain hormones being released to prepare the delivery, but increasing the stress on the body structures.

Enlargement of breast tissue, creating postural changes, can also put more strain on the muscles and spine, provoking back ache between the shoulder blades, or even neck and head ache.

Typically, the patient reports her first symptoms before the fifth month, when the body experiences structural changes due to the inside growth of the baby. Pregnant women reporting back pain describe first some stiffness, ache or soreness then some pain radiating down the leg, commonly known as ´sciatica´ if the structural disorders are not addressed. They are due to the changes experienced by the body during the pregnancy from the unbalance of the pelvis and spine to muscle tensions leading to back, buttock, hip or pubic pain, even sometimes in the abdomen.

At Orewa Chiropractic, we establish a management strategy that is tailored to each patient. All the individual factors must be taken in account and treated specifically.


Managing Back Pain during Pregnancy


The spine should maintain a neutral posture standing, sitting or lying to avoid putting too much strain and load, preventing future ache or pain in the upper or lower back.

Sleeping on the side with a pillow between knees or behind the lumbar spine sitting are useful to ease the strain on the back.

It is important to maintain some gentle activity like mobilisation and stretching for shoulders, neck, chest, hips and legs to maintain strength and flexibility of the muscles, joints and spine.

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