Sports Injuries

Being an athlete, you know the demands regarding running, jumping or even tackling and the risks involved. The practice of most sports, therefore and unfortunately, implies traumatic forces like hyperflexion or hyperextension, forceful impacts or strenuous repetitive movements leading to body injuries such as tears, strains or even sprains. At Orewa Chiropractic, we can help you treat and prevent them in the back and neck or limbs, including shoulders, hips, knees or ankles.

Chiropractors can help prevent sports injuries. After a thorough examination, we assess the degree of damage due to the injury. We elaborate then on a plan following international protocol and a strategy to recover and return to the field. 

We adjust not on bones being out-of-place but joints, spine segments included, malfunctioning due to a strain or sprain. The aim is to enhance their function, eliminate swelling and relieve pain. We restore or improve joint and muscles function, reducing any inflammation and assisting the process of healing. The healing and recovery time is reduced, and the injured tissue recovers its full potential, including elasticity. The techniques that we utilise are mobilising joints, decreasing muscle and tendon tensions, improving flexibility and strength, and increasing the body's proprioception (the balance).

We can also help you to prevent injuries, even recurrent. Before joining a new exercise program at a gym or during a regular yearly visit, we assess joints, spine and balance. We then treat tensions and imbalance so that joints and muscles can work with their total capacity of strength and mobility. The body is less prone to future injury, and its performance is enhanced.

At Orewa Chiropractic, we have treated athletes from various horizons, amateurs or professionals, even at an international level, with debilitating injuries or to maximise athletic performance. 

Do not hesitate to book regular chiropractic check-ups to get your body at its full potential performance and prevent injuries. Enjoy your favourite sport such as fitness class, weight lifting, golf, rugby, soccer, basketball, netball, surfing, and swimming or tennis.

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