Posture and Back Pain

The spine is naturally ‘S’ shaped, with an arch in the low back called lordosis. If you slouch or bend forward, this lordosis disappears in a ‘C’ shape.

Problems begin to occur in the lower back if the lordosis is lost for prolonged periods of time.

If you overstretch the lumbar spine for a prolonged period of time, the ligaments will ache, and even worse if you add some twist, you can sprain them, creating a tear.

Repeating bending forward, slouching or doing inaccurate exercises would prevent the normal process of healing, creating even more pain.


The discs can also be affected by positions not respecting the lordosis. It creates more loading, affecting the disc’s shock absorbency, weakening the outer wall. The disc then may bulge, irritating the proximal nerve and causing most grievances.

Posture and Neck

It is essential to keep the head aligned with the rest of the spine and to sit back on the top of the shoulders to avoid a postural syndrome. Therefore, the cervical spine is not overloaded by the weight of the head and would prevent neck pain.

The effects of gravity, poor posture, the weight of the head, or past trauma are many causes of the cervical spine and skull craning, leading a “Forward Head” syndrome, in other words, the forward displacement of the head. The chin should stay on the top of the shoulders and chest, not creating pathological tension on the spine which hurts. Correct head positioning is crucial to proper spinal function. When the head is leaning forward, it can add up to 15 kg because abnormal leverage, provoking severe sufferance on the cervical spine. 


Incorrect posture when the head is leaning forward may cause serious discomfort and pain, restricting the range-of-motion of the cervical pain then leading to headache or even numbness or tingling in arms or hands. It can also affect the biomechanics of the shoulders, limiting the upper body to deal with the modern life.

Good posture not only protects you against back pain, it also improves your overall health and appearance It Good posure not only protects you again back or neck pain, it also improves you general health and appearance. It is essential to keep a full function of the cervical spine correcting the posture and imbalances, exercising regularly and visiting regularly your chiropractor who will provide all the advice that you need.

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