Thierry Mazer

Doctor of Chiropractic

Thierry has over 20 years professional experience, as a physiotherapist first, and then as a chiropractor.

During this time, he has gained valuable expertise in the diagnosis and management of a full range of spine related disorders. His experience includes practice as a Senior Practitioner in a Medical Centre in France, working in co-ordination with General Practitioners, Specialists and the Pain Management Centre at a Public Hospital. After being registered in NSW, his first experience in New Zealand was in clinics located at Queenstown and Alexandra, Central Otago.

Thierry lectured students from a wide range of European countries at the French-European Chiropractic Institute in Paris. Being a lecturer at this Tertiary Education Institution has left him with the desire to constantly update his skills and knowledge. Thierry has a specific interest in the management of chronic back pain.

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