How to choose your mattress?

We spend 200,000 hours in our bed, roughly one third of our life and the quality of our sleep is essential for our mood.

Each night we turn something like 40 times, so we don’t sleep in one position.

You may think your bed is too old and it’s time to change it. In the bed store, try this:

  • Lie on your back and pass your hand under your lower back arch. If there is no problem, the mattress could be to firm. It should provide a good firm support but with enough softness so that your musculature is able to release.
  • Turn on your side and push down the mattress with your elbow. If it’s too deep, it may be too soft. You may think it’s comfortable, but your back won’t like it, especially if you have been suffered from it.
  • Lie on your favourite position and try to feel your muscles, between your shoulder blades and pelvis are released.

Finally, it’s good to know that we should change our bed every ten years. The mattress made with springs will lose some of their properties sooner than latex ones.

Don’t hesitate to ask more information to your chiropractor.


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