What makes Orewa Chiropractic different from other chiropractic and health care practices?

Orewa Chiropractic we treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions from head to toe. We are an integrated health care centre that combines the best examinations and treatment techniques. Our personalised treatment combinations of advanced adjusting, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercises, and patient education will prove to be the fastest, most cost effective way to get back to optimum performance in your daily life activities.

Is spine care safe?

Although every treatment may have some risk, even paracetamol or aspirin, our treatment is remarkably safe. The Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic in New Zealand advocated that chiropractors in this country are generally careful and skilled. Their finding was that there is no unusual degree of risk to patients who undertake chiropractic treatment from a registered chiropractor in New Zealand.

Will the treatment hurt?

Most of the time, an adjustment is very comfortable, and if slight discomfort may occur, however, this should last for no more than 24h. Adjustment is used to correct joint dysfunction, which is a condition in which there is a loss of normal movement of a joint. However, at Orewa Chiropractic we use other highly effective methods in case of contraindications, or if that’s your preference.

What should I expect on my first visit?

You should plan on arriving 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out and prepare your new patient paperwork. When you get into the treatment room, your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination and take a detailed history of your current complaint. The examination may include a spinal or regional exam, orthopaedic and neurological testing, and functional screening. X-rays may be ordered, although most often these are not necessary. Then, your chiropractor will discuss with you his or her findings and your diagnosis and, if your case is accepted, will discuss the recommended treatment.

How long does spine care take to work?

This is a very commonly asked question, and unfortunately, there is no one simple answer to this because the amount of time needed for recovery is variable, not only for each different condition, but also for each individual patient. Generally speaking, conditions that have been present for a longer period of time will logically require a somewhat longer recovery time, although there are always exceptions. Our approach is such that the immediate goals are to help you get relief from pain and disability as quickly as possible, while at the same time, addressing the underlying dysfunctions that caused the pain and teaching you strategies to manage and reduce any future episodes that may occur. Your doctor of chiropractic will tell you the extent of treatment recommended and how long you can expect it to last. In this way, we attempt to help you expeditiously reduce pain and return to enjoy what you love doing.

Is my back fixed when it is no longer sore?

No. Pain is only a warning saying something is not properly working in your body. However, just because you don’t feel any pain, it does not mean everything is all right. Similarly, it is not because you have no more fever that an infection is over. The process of healing takes several weeks or months, depending on the origin of the damage. Having a pain-free and healthy spine is all about control, and much of the control “circuitry” for spine resides in the balance centres of the brain. Chronic spinal problems have been shown to involve poor balance and co-ordination of the spinal muscles. Therefore, to help you on your path to recovery, we will need to identify and address any such issue. To achieve spinal stability and control takes time to develop, and at Orewa Chiropractic, we are experienced to tailor a specific program to your spine condition.

Do you think people should come in regularly to have maintenance spine care?

It will depend on the goals to reach. If it is just a relief of symptoms, few sessions will be required. However, to correct the cause of the underlying problem and enjoy a better quality of life, regular and periodic treatment may be recommended. There will likely be certain exercises that are recommended to you to do regularly, and these have been shown to prevent re-occurrences of back pain. Chiropractors at the Orewa Chiropractic place much emphasis on teaching patients self-care strategies so that they can manage conditions themselves.

Why do I have to exercise?

Besides all of the benefits of regular aerobic and strengthening exercise, your chiropractor may prescribe other exercises designed to keep joints moving properly or to improve the ability of muscles to stabilize the back or neck and prevent re-occurring pain. For many of these, it will be recommended for you to continue long term, while others are to be used only temporarily while you are having pain. In other words, certain exercises will help you to heal faster, and others will prevent the pain from coming back, as well as making you feel more fit and flexible from day to day.

Can children be treated by a spine care provider?

While spinal and other musculoskeletal disorders are less common in children than adults, certainly they are not rare. There is no reason why children cannot be seen at Orewa Chiropractic. If adjustment is required, the techniques used will be modified for the size of the child.

If I’m pregnant is it safe for me to visit a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is the best option for getting safe, drug free, conservative care for lower back and abdominal pain in pregnancy. Dr. Anne Mazer has done extensive research on causes and management of pain related to pregnancy, and is skilled in techniques that directly relate to the pregnant female.

Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from a GP?

There is no referral required. We are trained to diagnose spine disorders or more serious matter. At Orewa – Chiropractic we are ACC registered and we can lodge any claim for you electronically.

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