Chronic Low Back Pain Case

A Chronic Low Back Pain Case


Sue, a 45-year-old lady, came to Orewa Chiropractic referred by a GP to evaluate and manage her complaint of chronic low back pain.

She had been suffering for about one year, and the symptoms worsened.

After slipping on a wet surface at home, she fell and landed on her right hip. X-rays were unremarkable.

The pain varied from 4/10 to 9/10 at its worst.

While she reported being very active before the accident, she had very little physical activity since then.

Rising from a chair, putting shoes on and turning over the bed was painful, and cleaning and gardening impossible.

Driving and walking for more than 15 minutes were excruciating.


Chronic Low Back Pain Examination

The examination showed that the lumbar spine was reversed sitting, but the arch increased standing contrarily.

Additionally, the gait was very short, with little strength around the hips.

Lumbar paraspinal and gluteal muscles were tight and tender with moderate pressure.

The range of motion was considerably restricted at the lumbo-pelvis junction.


Back Pain Management

We started the course of chiropractic sessions per week, including adjustments and muscular release techniques.

After three weeks, Sue was more mobile, dealing better with daily activities, sleeping deeper and walking for 15 minutes with little hindrance.

Accordingly, our chiropractor prescribed specific stabilisation exercises for the lumbar spine and hips. After four weeks, Sue complained of intermittent aches, 4/10 at worst.

Most activities were pain-free except gardening. From then, Sue started more advanced strength, mobility and endurance exercises and still receiving adjustments weekly.

Happily, after 12 weeks, Sue returned to her previous life, free of chronic low back pain and enjoying all the physical activities she loved and being much more optimistic about her life.

She visited her chiropractor monthly to receive adjustments until the end of the year to settle down the progress.


If you suffer from chronic low back pain, do not hesitate to book an appointment with one of our experienced chiropractors.


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