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Pain Relief

Research shows chiropractic-like adjustments are safe and effective to relieve back and neck pain.


Most back injuries occur because of a weakness of the body and a lack of flexibility. To get better outcomes and prevent further injuries, we actively involve our patients in their recovery.


Our objective is for our patients to get back to, and enjoy, the activities that they love.

Expertise in Spine Care

Our chiropractors in Orewa have a modern management approach to address back and neck pain as well as headaches.

Indeed, we are committed to give you a comprehensive assessment, logical explanations and an individual treatment plan tailored to your own needs.

We obviously focus on treating your symptoms that led you to us, but also to regain confidence in your body to practice your occupational and recreational activities with the maximal potential.


Our techniques are proven to work. 

Our approach and techniques that we use have been scientifically proven to reduce pain and other symptoms as well as to improve the range-of-movement of the spine affected.

They are generally safe and very cost-effective compared to other medical methods.

We are ACC registered. No GP referral required


Our Chiropractors

Terry Mazer –  Doctor of Chiropractic, member of the NZ Chiropractic Association 

Thierry has over 25 years of professional experience, as a physiotherapist first, and then as a chiropractor.  During this time, he has gained valuable expertise in the diagnosis and management of a full range of spine related disorders. His experience includes practising as a Senior Practitioner in a Medical Centre in France, working in co-ordination with General Practitioners, Specialists and the Pain Management Centre at a Public Hospital. After being registered in NSW, he first worked in Queenstown and Alexandra, Central Otago in New Zealand. He then took over the first practice on the Hibiscus Coast, Orewa Chiropractic in 2010.

Thierry lectured students from a wide range of European countries at the French-European Chiropractic Institute in Paris. His Tertiary Education Institution background emphasised his desire to constantly update skills and knowledge. Thierry has a specific interest in the management of chronic back pain.


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